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At the core of our services is a web based competence management portal.

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College and / or Training Provider

Training Provider

Structure your training programmes from individual training events to full apprenticeships in a manner that facilitates full participation for your learners, their employers, mentors, lecturers and workplace assessors.

Our fully integrated management system will provide you with a single platform to manage the workload of multiple centres, trainers, assessors, verifiers/moderators, administrators and managers. Quickly identify inactivity, access customisable management reports and so much more.

Additional benefits include:

  • VQ tracking;
  • Electronic allocation of assessors;
  • Electronic sampling for internal verification;
  • Online facility to conduct verification from remote sites;
  • Instant customer access to review candidate progress;
  • Comprehensive management information reporting system;
  • Trainer productivity and work allocation;
  • Assessor productivity and work allocation;
  • Maximise utilisation of training capacity -  (human, physical and time);
  • Provide a comprehensive booking and tracking system to manage training centre resources. this will highlight areas of under-utilisation and prevent over- allocation of limited resources ensuring maximum efficiency;
  • Identify training events that are under-subscribed and, where required, allow other training providers to make use of the available space through an online collaborative booking system. This will facilitate as near to full capacity as is possible bringing financial and added value benefits to the training provider's customers
  • Maximise exposure of products and service to their target audience;
  • Ensure invoicing is accurate, processed within agreed timescales and revenue is obtained within the terms and conditions of the provider;
  • Provide a comprehensive administration service to facilitate the delivery of the core products;
  • eDocument management system to track the issue and use of controlled documents including an acknowledgment check to validate receipt of controlled documents;
  • Provide accurate feedback to clients regarding the progress of their candidates;
  • 24/7 secure online access for individual candidates on a lifetime basis facilitating added value to both the client and the individual candidate;
  • Client management;
  • Online booking system;
  • Electronic scheduling (private and public);
  • Annual/monthly training plans can be planned and programmed resources allocated with automatic colouration with budget management.

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