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Manual Handling


Half day


Our Manual Handling Training courses include the use of theory, props, tuition and practical lifting techniques to demonstrate to attendees how to lift, carry, move and transport objects safely.

Many businesses are wrongly under the impression that this does not apply to them because they are primarily an office environment. This is a misconception that can have serious consequences.

There is evidence to support claims that physical injuries such as back and spinal pain iare caused by continual bad lifting, twisting and stretching and not by single trauma injuries.

Competence Matters Ltd can help businesses to avoid these types of injuries to their employees through the provision of effective and comprehensive training.

What You will Learn

  • The importance of maintaining a healthy spine, spinal column and nervous system;
  • The physical effects of poor lifting;
  • Knowledge of the types of gloves, overalls and safety footwear required for manual handling;
  • How to carry out lifting and handling correctly;
  • Practical exercises covering the lifting and movement of loads and the necessary body movements to allow safe turning when carrying a load.

Suitable For

Our courses can be tailored to your exact needs from an office to a production or warehouse facility and usually takes around 2 hours.

All courses can be carried out at your premises to avoid any disruption to your business. All that’s required is a small, vacant office or room.

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