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Fire Warden Training


Full Day


The Fire Warden Course aim is to enable staff to manage a fire or other similar emergency efficiently and
effectively, to meet the legal requirements and to train staff.

This course has been designed with the aim of creating a competent person to take charge in an emergency situation and be aware of fire risks within the workplace to reduce fire-associated hazards.

This course is designed to enable employers to have competent people available to respond positively to an emergency, which may be created by a fire emergency or other similar emergency. Fire Safety and general Health & Safety duties require employers to prepare and plan for such eventualities.

What You will Learn

The course covers the following modules:

How fires are caused
Understanding fire
Components of the fire triangle
Fire hazards
Fire and smoke spread
Controlling the hazards
Means of escape
Fire detection and raising the alarm
Fire signage
Principles of extinguishing fires
Safe use of equipment
Fire fighting systems
Duties of employers
Duties of employees
Fire safety inspection
Fire risk assessment
Role of the fire warden
Fire safety briefing
Fire safety training, assessment and course closure

Suitable For

All employees who may have to assist in the event of a fire.

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