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Cable Avoidance and Service Location (CAT & Genny)


1 day


Cable Avoidance and Service Location (CAT & Genny) training is designed for any person working on the roads, setting out before a build, surveying and any other person excavating an area where pipes or cables may be hidden underground.

What You will Learn

  • Reasons for using locators;
  • HSE Video – alive or dead;
  • Practical work – hands-on locating using receiver, transmitter and accessories;
  • Simple ways to locate street lighting cables;
  • Location of bends;
  • Location of junctions;
  • Identification of utilities;
  • Service connections;
  • Locating through concrete reinforcing;
  • Depth measurement (where applicable);
  • Suitable for using Sondes for non metallic pipes.

Suitable For

Persons responsible for the location and marking of underground services with Cable Avoidance Tools and Genny.

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